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                    Safety Is Our Most Important Product                        

Al Bilse has lived and taught driver's education in Lodi the past 49 years.  He taught seven summers at Middleton High School before assuming full time duties year round at Lodi High School.  He taught and coached at Lodi High School for 32 years before retiring.

As well as teaching and coaching, Al has been a member of the Lodi EMS for 48 years.  He has seen the other side of car crashes first hand and this has driven Al to have this passion for traffic safety.  As a teacher, coach, parent, ambulance attendant, and Driver's Education teacher, Al believes that driver's education is the most important class that your son/daughter will take during their high school years.

Al taught driver's education at Lodi High School for 27 years.  In 1994, Lodi High School dropped driver's education for economic reasons.  It was at that time that Al's Safe Driving Academy was born.  Al hasn't missed a beat.  He loves the challenge of new drivers and the satisfaction of seeing improvement in driving skills and also in attitudes.  It is important that the student comes to class willing to listen and learn.  He looks forward to working with your son/daughter.

Always be assured that your son/daughter will be instructed by the same individual for both classroom and behind the wheel.  It is important to maintain continuity in instruction when learning to drive.  Students will achieve a comfort zone because they will always be dealing with the same instructor.  He gets to know each student very well.  This is what he enjoys most about teaching drivers education.  The students get to know him and he gets to know them like no other class offered in high school.  They literally put their lives in each other's hands.

You will find this to be a quality program yet offering the lowest price in the area.  You can become another of the over 9,400 satisfied customers that has received driver's training from Mr. Bilse.  Hope to hear from you soon.  The next class starts May 3, 2017.

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